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OSOSONIC is a Rotterdam based modular artist and initiator of SAW. Inspired in the 80s by the music of Kraftwerk, Gino Soccio and Giorgio Morode, he played as an DJ underground, Italo Disco, Acid and New beat. From the late 90s he organized various underground parties in Rotterdam. 

In 2017 During his tour in China, he came in touch with the underground scene of Shanghai that made live techno using synthesizers. It was there that he first became interested in analog synthesisers. Later in 2019 he discover the beauty of Modular synthesizers and immediately fell in love.

His first public performance with modular synths was in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. Where he started a project together with Barkode and the

TU Delft.  Other places where he performed include Weelde, Keile Cafe, Mono, Berlin Modular Socity, Unknown Electronics, Museumnacht Rotterdam and did a guarilla act with Melanist during Modular Day in Barcelona. 

His music style is an exciting crossover between experimental deep atmospheric sounds and energetic rhythms, which he creates in an intuitive way using modular synthesisers, granular synthesis and field recording.


Soon the bio will be here



Soon the bio will be here


NFHC is a collective that focuses on live techno. They mix melodic and dark tones to create an atmosphere to truly loose yourself in. From driving baselines to dreamy minimalistic scenes, their music is ready to make you dance.


These artists first started making music together about 2,5 years ago and never stopped since. They played at many home party’s in which they developed their unique style. And after playing their first gig in Berlin they knew they wanted more. In their words: “Playing for Berlin Modular Society was an unreal experience, after partying in Berlin for many years we were able to perform a live set that made people dance and smile. This feeling can’t be beat by anything else.” This gave them the spirit to really push further and get better every day. 


After mainly working on their live sets they are now also focusing on recording four of their best songs which will showcase their true style.



Oliv Oliv, the moniker of Olivier Terpstra, is a modular synth performer. His music is best described as cinematic techno: long build ups and fast beats combined with field recordings that are captured on film sets during his work as a sound recordist. Combining these recordings with the rich analog sounds created on the modular synthesizer, the audience enters a whole new universe. Experience it as a real-time (live)production of the massive soundtrack for your imaginary film—full of field recordings, compelling melodies, and a hinge of techno.




Soon the bio will be here





Soon the bio will be here

Schermafbeelding 2023-02-02 om 09.45.24.png


drusnoise is a live, electronic music producer, sound artist and co-founder of the Berlin Modular Society. Originally from Canada, his roots in techno lie in the 90s rave scenes of Toronto, Vancouver and London before reaching to the German capital where he currently resides. drusnoise integrates analog modular synthesizers with digital FX and organic samples to create a style that flows from lush ambient tones to gritty techno, in addition to a few curveballs along the way.  Over the past years, drusnoise has performed live techno sets in Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam with dates this year in Barcelona, Utrecht, Trondheim, and Köln coming up. drusnoise also releases and performs experimental sound art works incorporating field recordings, sonified climate change data, and feedback loops.


Known in the outside world as Dr. Steve Williams, his academic work includes conducting and publishing research on sustainable energy transition in Canada, Germany, and Sweden. Keen to merge themes of sustainability with dance music and sound art in today’s eco-challenging climate, drusnoise builds live sets from a plethora of natural sources including vocals from sustainability lectures, climate data turned into MIDI/CV/gate/modulation, plants sending voltage to synthesizers, sounds of electromagnetic radiation, beats made from the sounds of wind turbines, and field recordings turn into some dark, strange, and hard techno.



Soon the bio will be here



Soon the bio will be here



Soon the bio will be here



Dan Graveyard is an Amsterdam based musician. He uses a computer less (DAWless) live setup to make music. 100% improvised and either in the realm of hypnotic techno or ambient. 

After spending his teens as a guitarist for multiple bands spanning a vast amount of genres. Dan Graveyard started making electronic music at the end of 2019. He wanted to spend as little time as possible behind the computer so he was naturally drawn to computer less setups. Live, improvised, pure and filled with energy.  An endless search for new ways to patch. New ways to make his music more interesting.


Dan Graveyard's sets are always different there's no 'save' or 'recall' button on his machines. This means he's creating and hearing the music together with the audience. Nerve wrecking, but mostly exciting for both him and his audience.



Scherm­afbeelding 2023-03-10 om 08.44.46.png


For years janfansen has been producing abstract electronic ambient, using modular and Ciat Lonbarde gear and Ableton. Starting out in a punk band in the 80’s, moving through hiphop into electronics.


In the 90’s he was part of Cosmic Connection and released a few CD’s, combining triphop, techno, ambient and dub. One of the highlights was performing on a festival during the Love Parade.


Later on continued by himself, looking for a relaxing, pulsating sound that fills the room like incense. Often using deep basses, minimal beats, ethereal sounds, loops and drones to produce a meditative, hypnotic vibe.

Barely actual songs but rather soundtracks to nonexistent movies.



Born and raised under the smoke of industrial Eindhoven, Roy Orbon (1971) started experimenting with music at a young age. First (and still) as a bass and guitar player, but quickly followed his curiosity for electronic instruments when he first saw a synthesizer in a student dorm. He became fascinated by these instruments at the intersection of technology and creativity. A few years later, his living room looked more like a synthesizer studio.

Fast forward a couple of decades, he started to build a modular synthesizer, and this sparked a new wave of creativity. He completely changed his workflow to 100% live improvised techno on a Eurorack modular system.

Under the name Isochrone he combines aethereal drones, hypnotizing basses and hard pounding techno kicks, and everything in between and beyond, all in one performance. Patching and tweaking to approximate the intricate balance between control and chaos never ceases to inspire and amaze.

He embraces the duality of limitations and endless opportunities of the equipment and uses this to push his creativity and live performance further. The result is a mix of never before heard sounds, served with a side of pulsating rhythms on a solid foundation of danceable beats.

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